10 Best Gun Cleaning Vise Reviews

Gun Cleaning Vise

There are so many reasons why you should consider a gun cleaning vise. A gun cleaning vise will extend the lifespan of your gun and the need to avoid endless maintenance servicing. Cleaning your gun, especially after use will help in preventing all sorts of malfunctions. Incomplete discharge is a common occurrence in guns that are not properly cleaned.

Incomplete discharge occurs when a fired round gets stuck inside because of dirt and debris. Aside from incomplete discharge, your gun’s mechanism may fail to eject when the gun is not cleaned regularly. Most gun owners normally clean their guns at the beginning of the hunting seasons, and then after the hunting season is complete- do not treat your gun this way.

 One of the easiest ways to become familiar with your gun is to make use of a gun cleaning vise to perform regular cleaning.

CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise

You can refer to this Gun Vise as one of the most versatile Gun cleaning devices around because of its flexible nature. This Gun vise is not just for cleaning, it is complete gun maintenance and gun-sighting device. It is designed to securely hold your gun while you clean it. One of the greatest features of this Gun vise is that it can accommodate all sizes and brands of guns and pistols.

CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun ViseThe p3 Ultimate Gun Vise is one of the most popular and one of the most highly-rated gun vises today because of its superb delivery when you need a device for sighting activities and efficient cleaning maintenance of your ammunition. If you don’t mind spending extra for an excellent quality device, this is one option you should consider right away. The Gun device comes with the following features:

An optional rest attachment that converts the device into a shooting rest. You will also be amazed at the most durable heavy-duty steel design material, used in its making. It is coated with E-coat finishing in the interior and exterior. There is also a 3-point leveling option here for different applications. Similarly, you will be surprised that it has both horizontal and vertical (Y) telescoping front for easy adjustments to all firearms. Relatively lightweight and easy to handle.


    ▪ There is a locking thumb for added stability on the Gun Vise.

    ▪ This gun vise can adjust to all kinds of firearms, most especially rifles and pistols.

    ▪ A vibrant solid frame ensures that it does not tip, wiggle or fall over, especially when you are cleaning your gun or using the device as a shooting rest.

    ▪ It holds excellently well to mounted arms.


▪ You may need to purchase adapters if you want to convert the Gun Vise into a shooting rest- this will cost you extra. You need to ask if the optional rest attachment will be included at the point of purchase.

▪ Slightly more expensive than many Gun vises with similar capabilities and features.

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Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise

Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise

    This Gun vise may look like a complex device from afar but you will be surprised at how quickly you will get used to it. Aside from being multi-functional, this device is also packed with several other features. It has molded rubber pads that protect it from mechanical damages from bows and firearms. If you want a device that can be used for cleaning, or scope mounting-this is the right option. You will be surprised that it can also be used for gun maintenance and gunsmithing activities.

    Tipton 11011 will always remain one of the top three, gun vises in the market today when you are looking for a device that delivers great value for money. You may not find it appealing as a beginner, but you will certainly get used to it quickly as time goes by.

     Other features you can find in this Gun Vise include; A rigid steel frame design that makes it last for decades. The solvent-resistant components can withstand all manner of chemical and non-chemical attacks. You will also like the two accessory trays that can be removed or arranged for different activities.


    ▪ The gun vise is designed to work with all kinds of arms and devices, these include shotguns, handguns, crossbows, compound bows, muzzleloaders, and rifles.

    ▪ If you are working on shorter pistols or short-framed rifles, all you have to do is slide the clamps closer to hold the pistol or rifle in place.

    ▪Scope leveling is easier with this device because it has some in-built leveling feet at each corner.

    ▪ The pads of the gun vise can adapt to any surface, thanks to the ball and socket articulating clamps attached.

    ▪ The adjustment knobs of the gun vise even make the handling more ergonomic.


    ▪ It is quite cumbersome and will occupy more space than most of its competitors. First-time users may find it confusing in the beginning but will quickly get used to it.

    ▪ It is not designed for sighting, but it is an excellent gun vise for cleaning, and scope mouthing plus gunsmithing.

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Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2

You should consider this gun vise because it scores one of the highest points during the recoil reduction test. This device has completely revolutionized how amateurs, beginners, and professionals are testing their shooting skills. It is quite versatile, that is why it fits perfectly with shotguns and rifles.

Caldwell is one of the leading manufacturers of ammunition accessories, especially the ones used in homes. It is of no surprise that this product makes it to the list of the top gun vises around. You will surely find this device very useful and handy right from the first day.

The main features and specifications for this versatile Gun vise are the following; It is relatively lightweight. The body is designed from steel frame material. There is an amazing dual-frame design to disperse the recoil energy.

This Gun vise relies on the baffle and tray system for the device to remain in the optimal shooting position. The gun vise has a multi-surface rear foot that helps in maintaining firm grip or contact on all kinds of surfaces.  The efficient baffle and tray system that provides 100% effective weight dispersion during usage, is also an amazing addition to this device.


▪ With its dual frame alignment feature, you can adjust the gun vise by up to 22” to make it fit for all sizes of shotgun and rifles.

▪ The device has an excellent fingertip control, plus an efficient windage and elevation adjustments that suit every category of user.

▪ There is a rear elevation collar feature that assists you to make corrections in the elevation setting and to ensure you remain within the right shooting range. Even first-time users will find this feature extremely useful.

▪ You can make use of the stock-stabilizer rear bag to prevent the stick-shift effect when you take shots.


▪ It is more expensive than many similar Gun Vises in its class.

▪ While it is highly efficient for sighting in, the rest of the tool comes with its own limitations

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Gunslick VISTA OUTDOOR SLS Gun Maintenance Center

If you are looking for a Gun vise that is more affordable and simpler in design, then this could be an ideal option for you. It may not be the best around, in terms of added features, it will surely deliver under any given circumstances.

This is one of the most Gunslick gun vise brands checked out by first time buyers, but that does not mean professionals don’t check it out also. You will like this outdoor gun vise because of its compact design and its ability to hold many extras or accessories at once. You need to watch out for imitations of this product as there are many fakes of it out there.

Many beginner users of Gun vises can rely on this piece of device to deliver great results. The main features of the Gun vice are; A body is designed with the highest quality plastic grade materials.  There are some functional and very useful different drawer compartments. It is an inbuilt cam lock vise system. An amazing feature here is that the device can be vertically adjusted, and serves as a complete gun maintenance center. You will also love the fact that it is relatively lightweight when handled.


▪ The availability of many drawers on the device keeps you organized all day long.

▪ The top compartment can securely hold your firearms.

▪ It is quite multi-functional and flexible. It can be used as a hunting gun-smiting device and for shooting expenditures.

▪ Relatively lighter and more affordable than many similar Gun vise devices.

▪ It is one of the easiest gun vises when performing some minor works such as cleaning on your firearms.


▪ One of the main drawbacks of this gun vise is the non-inclusion of tools and necessary cleaning chemicals.

▪ You may not be able to use this Gun vise with weapons such as AR15 barrel nut- you will need a bench vise that has jaw pads for such weapons.

▪ Though it is made of highest grade plastic materials, you may not want it if you are not used to the plastic design gun vise.

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Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise

This device is best used as a cleaning, Gunsmithing and sighting Gun Vise. You don’t have to be a professional to use this gun vise, you will find the easy-to-follow instructional manual very helpful here. You can break this device down to its units after use and then reassemble it whenever you want to use it again- this will surely make it easier for you to store. Once this gun vise is assembled, it will lock your firearm in place securely.

You don’t need to be told that this gun vise is one of the most valuable products you can add to your outdoor adventure devices. It is sturdy and can withstand moderate to high mechanical impacts. You need to check the manual for maintenance advises that will prolong the lifespan of this gun vise.

 The Hyskore cleaning and sighting Vise is fortified with the following features; A body that is designed with a welded-steel construction plus a powder-coat finishing that makes for extra durability.  There is also a plastic utility tray to hold the parts. There are 4-point leveling options here, alongside a forend (rear) support for precise handling.  The gun vise operates as a 3-shot sighting device.


▪ This device can be fully extended to the length of any gun. There is also a helpful elevation adjustment for precision sighting, gunsmithing, and cleaning.

▪ It is super-light; hence you can carry it easily from one place to the other.

▪ With its instructional manual, you can assemble this gun vise in less than 5 minutes.

▪ Much more affordable, especially for a mid-range gun vise with sturdy design materials and an easy-to-operate system.

▪ The device supports shooting in groups, efficiently.


▪ Only the rear (forend), and the front support bases can be extended, the extension tubes cannot be compressed.

▪ Its extra-lightness means you will have to anchor the device down before usage.

▪ The gun vise must not be used as a shooting rest.

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Tipton Best Gun Vise

As the name implies, this is one of the best gun vises you may want to consider right now. It has an “L” shape center that can securely hold break-open guns and also separate quick-release cam blocks, to hold any stock shape. This device is fully adjustable; hence it can accommodate most firearms of different lengths, these include; shotguns, muzzleloaders, pistols, AR, and rifles.

Tipton, being one of the most trusted gun accessory manufacturers will never disappoint when it comes to top-quality products. You will find this product highly resistant to strong mechanical impacts. Make sure you read the manual before operating it.

The most striking features of this gun vise include the following; There is a T-track for vertical adjustments that work with three different support levels for positioning of your arms. There is also a customized patched storage alongside 2 adjustable clamping options located at the rear base to create a tight grip for your stocks.


▪ Versatility is one of the most striking features you will appreciate about this device. It can be configured to hold all manners of rifles, bolt actions, handguns, and extendable magazine rifles.

▪ Very durable- it is resistant to chemical solvents; hence it can last for decades under heavy usages.

▪ There is a central aluminum channel that allows you to move different components to their ideal position for your firearm. This is a great benefit that reduces the time for assembling and positioning.


▪ Though it is effective in every way the gun vise is quite stiff, hence you need to apply some extra energy when in use.

▪ This device may be slightly complicated for you as a beginner in the beginning.

▪ Once your gun is loaded, there is no way you can level the vise. all you can do is allow the weapon to remain snugged and make use of the bubble level to adjust appropriately.

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MTM GV-30 Gun Vise

This is one of the most aesthetically appealing gun vises you should consider. A mere look at this device shows that it is very roomy and simple to operate. The device is designed to handle all kinds of firearms for gunsmithing, cleaning, and maintenance. Your guns will be adequately protected from scratches or mechanical damages, with the availability of rubberized touchpoints.

You need to make sure that you follow the instructions in the manual if you want to get the best from this product. Being a very study gun vise, you will find it somehow heavy but it delivers superb results when used under different terrains outdoors.

The main features you can find on this gun vise include the following; An amazing and strong construction of a very rugged Polypropylene plastic that is resistant to chemical and mechanical attacks. There is a quick clamp that operates on a single cam that can be activated to provide a non-marring hold on your firearm. It is made with chemical-resistant design material.  It is mounted on a 4-feet rubberized material that can operate as a free-standing or bolted option. There is also, a secondary fork, located behind the clamp- this is used in the cleaning of your firearm.


▪ It remains one of the most effective gun vises for gunsmithing purposes. It also holds your firearm in place for effective cleaning and maintenance too.

▪ You will find the roomy space within, very helpful. You can organize and keep your cleaning items, supplies, screwdrivers, brushes, jags, cleaning rods, even your cleaning solvents.

▪ The fork behind the clamp positions the firearm at the proper angle for the most efficient cleaning.

▪ More affordable than most of its rivals.


▪ The durable plastic material construction of this gun vise is highly durable but may not be as strong as metallic steel construction, hence its resistance to mechanical damages are very much limited.

▪ Requires a vertical storage method, it may occupy much space when stored horizontally.

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Shooters Ridge Champion Shooting Vise

Shooters Ridge Champion Shooting Vise

The Shooters Ridge Champion Shooting Vise is ergonomically designed to handle mostly the maintenance cleaning of your firearm as well as sighting-in purposes. You will find this device very simple to use, even a mere look at it shows how compact and aesthetically appealing it can be. Aside from its compactness, the device has a dull black coating that is resistant to chemical and environmental conditions- this will surely elongate the lifespan of the gun vise.

This brand may not as popular as many other brands on the list but you will discover sooner how it out-performs many of its contemporaries. It is designed with the common user in mind, hence it delivers superb results even right from the moment you start using it.

The most striking features you may want to know about this shooting vise are; A very sturdy design that includes a lead shot for extra stability and strength.  You will also find here, an adjustable rear foot that provides a 100% elevation for holding your firearm at the right angles. Extra protection is provided by the padded clamps that prevent scratching and marring problems on your guns. The clamps are adjustable to hold properly all kinds of rifles, and shotguns.


▪ You can call this vise an unshakable vise because of its extra stability and a firm grip on your firearm.

▪ Very lightweight, it weighs less than 2lbs. thus it can be transported easily from one place to the other.

▪ The center of the vise can be adjusted to suspend your firearms at different angles to perform a more effective cleaning.

▪ It is cost-effective and easy to store, especially where there is limited space.


▪ Experts users will consider this gun vise as more of a maintenance cleaning device than for shooting expenditures, but amateurs and beginners will find it very useful to practice their shooting skills.

▪ It does not work with AR magazine; however, it works perfectly with normal rifles and shotguns.

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Plano Shooters Case (X-Large)

Plano Shooters Case (X-Large)

This is quite a handy gun vise, especially if you want a device that offers a very deep storage. It is quite compact and takes up less storage space than many of its main rivals. Unlike most of its rival gun vises, this device has a staggered yoke system that holds the rifle in place – this system ensures that the firearm is protected against shakes and falls.

 This Plano shooter’s case managed to make it to the top 10 list because of its rugged designs and ability to deliver great results always. It performs above average, even if it may seem it is not the best for you. It is reliable and can be used under different terrains.

Other features you will find exciting on this device include; It is constructed with a hard body material that makes it extra durable. The plastic hardbody has paint that is resistant to chemical attacks. A staggered yoke system that suspends the gun at an angle that makes cleaning a lot easier. The handles on both sides will make carrying the device from one place to the other, a lot easier.


▪ The gun vise and shooter’s case have one of the biggest storage designs to hold all your supplies in one place. The device has a very large lift-out tray to hold some other essentials.

▪ While the lift-out tray stores smaller items, the inner deep chamber of the gun vise can store bulky items. Multiple storage options make this device very efficient to use.

▪ It is inexpensive when compared to its main rivals, hence it is an excellent price bargain.


▪ When the rifle is mounted, it can take up half of the entire space below and the lid cannot be closed.

▪ The plastic body material may be durable, but high impact mechanical attacks can break it, hence it must be carefully stored and handled.

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Why use a gun cleaning vise?

There are several reasons why you should consider the gun cleaning vise. Most of these reasons are for your safety and the protection of the lifespan of your ammunition.

▪ It secures your rifles, shotguns or other ammunition for easy cleaning.

▪ It offers great assistance, such as improved stability during the sighting, and shooting.

▪ It provides sufficient storage to hold your solvents and other tools needed during cleaning and sighting activities.

▪ Provides temporary or permanent storage housing for your ammunition.

What to look for when buying the best gun vise

You should not jump into buying a gun vise without checking out the factors highlighted here. This small guide can help you avoid wasting your money on an inferior product.

▪ The general structure and design- the metallic designs are generally strong while the durable plastic body is lighter, yet it can withstand mechanical impact.

▪ The storage space- Generally, the more storage spaces available, the more organized you can be when arranging your tools.

▪ Stability and elevation – The best gun vise must come with a system that increases stability and elevation of the ammunition, during usage.

▪ Compactness and storage – an ideal gun vise should be stored easily, especially in the face of limited space.

What are gun vises made of?

There can be variations in the structure and design materials used in making gun vises. While some are made with excellent quality plastics, some are made with steel metals and some combine both materials.

▪ High quality plastics or reinforced steel metal. The plastic material is usually the sturdy polypropylene material

▪ The maintenance cleaning tray for tools and solvent.

▪ Pads and Rubberized compartments to prevent scratches and dents on the gun.

▪ An excellent E-coat finishing that is resistant to chemical and adverse weather conditions.

How do I use a gun vise to zero my rifle?

To use your gun vise to zero your rifle, you need to make use of the gun rest feature on the gun vise. This feature allows you to make very small contact with the rifle when you aim, hence it reduces human error to zero. Though you may still hit your target after two to four shots, the possibilities of errors are greatly reduced.

Does every gun vise fits AR15 rifles?

No, many gun vises do not fit AR15 rifles. The reason for this is that AR15s do come with larger frames that are not compatible with the inbuilt designs of most gun vises. It is important to ask about this when purchasing a gun vise, whether offline or online, to save yourself the trouble of not being able to use your AR15 with the gun vise.

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