Is Augmented Reality (AR technology) Worth Pursuing?

AR technology

Have you ever fantasized about getting yourself a Holodeck just like in the movie Star Trek? Well, you will not have to use your imagination anymore. Thanks to Augmented Reality, you can experience the heads-up display as the one Arnold Schwarzenegger had in Terminator, or Tom Cruise had in Minority Report. Such kinds of sciences are not fiction anymore!

When we are talking about Augmented Reality (AR), people automatically presume that technology has only one application – Pokémon Go! Yes, the technology can cause a paradigm shift in the gaming industry but the uses of this marvelous technology will boon other sectors as well. We are already seeing possible improvements in AR that will revolutionize gaming, manufacturing, healthcare, and military industries.

Many even think that AR technology is a failure! The sudden fall of the much-hyped Pokémon Go is the culprit behind such misconceptions. While the sibling Virtual Reality (VR) is killing the market these days, the AR technology is not very far behind.

As an engineer, you should seize the opportunity to work on this very technology and create a better future for all of us. At this very moment, the tech giants, as well as the individual contributors, are working day and night to make this technology available to people from all walks of life.

The Big Names Are on The Move in this AR technology!

Within the next few years, we shall experience massive upgrades of the AR technology. Recently, the big names like Google, Apple, and Facebook have shown great interest, and they are already working on AR.


Just a few days back, Facebook opened up its own AR Studio Platform for the developers and marketers in India. It is a significant collaboration as Facebook can reach out to a market of 1.5 billion users. India has been stunning the world with its technological and economic booms and emerged as one of the fastest-growing markets. We think this collaboration will bring excellent news for AR technology.

L’Oréal also partnered up with Facebook. They want to create an AR-based makeup app together.


Apple is also on the move to tame this technology. In this last August, Apple acquired Akonia Holographics– a promising startup company that expertise on AR glasses and headsets. We are expecting big announcements from Apple within the next couple of months. Rumour has it that Apple might introduce AR Maps in the iOS 12. Also, Apple is planning to launch AR glasses in 2020.


Amazon wants to improve its warehouses. The company is planning to use AR goggles to track particular products in a warehouse that would help workers to get rid of the hassle of finding it manually.


Google is way ahead in the AR race. They have mesmerized the world with their progress on ARCore in the latest Google I/O’18. They are trying heart and soul to make people familiar with this marvelous technology with their videos and online courses. We all know of the Google Glass today. Google Glass will be upgraded towards perfection as the project is still in the development phase.

Augmented Reality

Probable Use Cases of Augmented Reality

Lean Manufacturing

The manufacturing industries especially Lean Manufacturing will be significantly benefited from AR technology. With AR technology, technicians can now see the smaller parts that are not visible or accessible in the traditional way. The assembly process will be a lot easier with it.

Healthcare and Medical Services

What if the surgeons could look into a patient’s body, keep track of their blood pressure, and their heart rate while performing surgery? Sounds impressive, right? With AR technology, it is not just a mere imagination – it’s reality! Moreover, expert surgeons could guide local doctors to perform surgery virtually. All thanks to the AR technology.

Military Operations

Soldiers in the battlefields now have the overhead view of the mission perimeter, thermal scan results, drone cam feeds, enemy marking and movements, and many more with AR technology. The perfect AR glasses are yet to be made. But we could have these features soon as they are already under development.

Smarter Office Environment

The AR technology could boost up the productivity in the offices by a great deal. We could experience virtual business meetings while we are lying back at our beds. AR would open up the door freedom and productivity. Communicating will be even easier and simpler.


Let’s take a moment and imagine a scenario. You are walking around the streets of Rome wearing an AR glass; you are getting a view of the ancient Rome 3000 years ago. You could see things beyond the limitation of time!


Soon the human race will experience the newer methods of learning. Students could learn and understand topics by seeing them using AR technology. They will not have to cram up pages after pages without getting the gist.


We all know that the gaming industry will get the boon of AR technology soon than other sectors. AR-based theme parks will be open for everyone. Even the adult entertainment industry will leap. Some experts also think that the AR/VR based adult entertainment industry will be worth more than $1 billion by the year 2025.

Concluding Thoughts

For those of you who are confused about the future of AR technology and thinking if it is worth pursuing – shed off your confusion. All the recent news indicates that the next decade will be the decade of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Almost every single industry will get benefited from these technologies.

It’s time you utilized your innovation hungry brain to make a positive change in the society with the power of AR technology which is still a toddler.

Only time can tell how the human race will embrace this technology and use it. But one thing is for sure – the AR technology is already here, and it is going to stay and boon us with its remarkable abilities.

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