Buying Guide for Shower Heads 2020

women with shower head

Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom this season with new shower heads? You need to have some buying tips and ideas that will keep you informed and help you buy the most suitable showerheads that will serve its purpose and last long. You can rely on Rooter Hero of Inland Empire, for the supply of the most durable and functional shower heads that will suit your needs.

Always go for the most water-efficient shower heads

The most suitable shower-heads are usually the ones that help you conserve more water. In order to make a shower head water-efficient, it must have an excellent ease of adjustment and must come with different settings. These settings or ease of adjustment will help you control the water flow rate as well as other settings such as the temperature of water. Rooter Hero of Inland Empire can help you get the most water-saving shower head models that are very affordable and will work perfectly with your existing shower types.

Take note of the types of showerheads

There are basically three types of showerheads you will likely see in the market, these are;

–    Multi-setting shower heads,

–    The Single-setting models, and

–    The shower towers.

The multi-setting shower heads can be the most economical because they can allow you make an adjustment to the pattern of water flow. An ideal multi-setting shower head comes with 12 settings, including the mist, pulsing, massage, wide stream, and narrow stream. The single-setting models come with just one setting, though, they may be cheaper than most multiple-setting shower-heads but they are not as economical as the multiple-setting shower heads. The shower towers do come with three heads hence, they can provide a spa-like effect and they can also come as hand-held shower heads. You need to keep in mind that shower towers make use of the most volume of water because of their multiple heads, hence they may not be the most suitable if you want to conserve water.

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Consider the installation services

In order to extend the lifespan of your showerheads, you need to contact a suitable plumber that can provide the most suitable installation services. Rooter Hero of Inland Empire has remained the top plumber for the installation of traditional and hybrid shower heads for years and has remained a household name when it comes to an efficient installation of plumbing works.

If you are considering a self-installation, you should probably consider shower heads that are very simple in nature, but if you want to save more water, and reduce water bills, then you should consider a shower head installation expert who will deliver the most water-conserving shower-heads that will cater for your household.

You need to save yourself the hassle of unscrewing showerheads, removing old plumber tapes, and then unscrewing the old shower head- anything can go wrong when you handle all these by yourself. If you want your new shower heads to be selected professionally and then installed properly according to standards, don’t hesitate to call Rooter Hero of Inland Empire.

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