Home Master TMHP: The Perfect Water Purification Solution

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Home master TMHP Hydro perfection under sink reverse osmosis water filtration system can prove to give ultimate water filtration results as it provides clean and great tasting drinking water full of nutrients and minerals. The system makes use of permeate pump which greatly increases water production reducing the amounts of waste by 80 percent so that you get safe and healthy drinking water. Following the latest water purification system design pattern, the product includes a modular filter which can be replaced without any professional skills. Moreover, the system is most recommended to use in areas which are having high iron deposits in ground water as it cleans the water through 9 stages and performs perfect sterilization so that users can consume water without any health risks.

Product features

The system is equipped with advanced ultraviolet light sterilization chamber which destroys 99.9 percent of viruses and germs producing completely safe and healthy water for human consumption. Along with the conventional filters, the assembly also includes RO membrane which increases the amounts of vitamins and nutrients by reverse osmosis procedure. Unlike the conventional water purification system, the Home Master TMHP hydro perfection under sink reverse osmosis water filtration plant also includes a permeate pump which is supposed to enhance water pressure so that pure water could be supplied at all times.


  • Simple and easier to maintain as the Iron filter needs to be replaced after a year or 2000 gallons for which you do not have to get the job completed by a professional.
  • Along with water purification, the system also adds minerals and vitamins so that you can obtain water which is 100 percent safe for consumption.
  • Ultra violet filter which has the capability to destroy harmful bacteria and germs which are present in underground water at most of the places.
  • Increased efficiency as the system includes a non-electric permeate pump which can complete the water purification procedure by consuming minimum energy.


Although there is no certain negative aspect of installing this product at your home, but it is recommended that you keep the system cleaned and maintained by professionals to avoid any effect on performance and durability.

Home Master TMHP

Additional benefits

Along with the purchase of the Home master TMHP water purification system, you will be given a 5-year limited warranty so that you can keep on using the system without any worries. The system is equipped with an ultra violet filter which is designed to destroy harmful bacteria and microorganisms present in water which can result in great health hazards. Moreover, the advanced filtration unit requires less maintenance and you can perform the regular cleaning by following the steps as explained in the guide book given along with the purchase.

Customer reviews

The product has received an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars at Amazon.com as the users has recommended the Home master TMHP over other conventional water purification systems. Moreover, there is certainly no requirement for regular maintenance as you will have to replace the filters after a year.


The Home Master TMHP water purification system is available at Amazon.com at the rate of $528.44 along with free shipping facility. Although the system costs higher as compared to other similar products, but it includes greater features and yields best results in terms of water purification.

Final Verdict

The Home Master TMHP Hydro Perfection under sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is no ordinary purification unit as it is based on the RO system which is considered as the optimum method for cleaning and purification of drinking water. So, if you are rid of conventional water treatment systems which yield no results and require great maintenance, Home Master TMHP can help you in great regard as it includes IRON pre-filter which adds minerals and nutrients in water along with the purification procedure. Moreover, the system is quite easier to maintain as you can clean the filter by yourself after the time duration on one year. Home Master TMHP water purification is the most suitable and performance oriented unit which has the capability to remove toxic chemicals and provide crystal clear water which is 100 percent safe for human consumption.

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