Portable DVD Players: Do You Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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It is evident that portable DVD players are increasingly prevalent in today’s society. Unlike laptops and computers, these are lightweight, small and come with an inbuilt screen. You can use them to play video and audio from DVD and CDs just like computers or other players. It is true that most people prefer smartphone as their favorite media players, but it is not possible to watch a DVD using your phone. Due to this, you can consider a portable DVD player since it will allow you to watch your favorite movies from DVDs wherever you are. Would you like to learn more about mobile DVD players? Check out this article for more details.

Why should you buy a portable DVD Player?

There are many advantages of purchasing a portable DVD player. Some of the benefits are.

  1. They are easy to carry which makes them suitable when traveling.
  2. They come with additional features like LCD screen which provides excellent viewing experience.
  3. They have decent sized screens which allow you to watch your favorite movies.
  4. The battery runs for a long time, and some even use with rechargeable batteries.

Types of Players

  1. Standard DVD Players– these are the most common types of DVDs you can find in many homes. They are affordable since they do not have very sophisticated features.
  2. DVD Player Combos – these are most preferred by movie lovers since they allow you to play both VHS tapes and DVDs. One of the major advantages of these is that they incorporate two devices into one which helps to save space.
  3. Portable DVD Players– These are small units which have a DVD player and an inbuilt screen. They usually use batteries or an AC plug. Some can be connected to a TV to give you a larger screen viewing. They are suitable when traveling. These are grouped into the following types.

Types of Portable DVD Players

  1. Fold-up portable DVD Players – These one are very versatile and can be used anywhere even on the lap if you are a passenger. They are stand-alone gadgets which incorporate both the screen and the player in one unit. They are portable but are not clear and loud as compared to other DVD players since they have limited features.
  2. Car DVD Players– You can stall these in the ceiling or dashboard of your vehicle. These allow you to add more than one screens at different points of the car. They have superb audio and video quality. The only disadvantage they have is that they are not portable.
  • Tablet portable DVD Player – these are portable and can even be mounted into the headrest of a car using the recommended mounting set.
  1. HD DVD Players- These are more advanced and give you an excellent viewing experience.
  2. DVD Recorders – You can use these to play DVDs and also record your favorite movies or TV shows.
  3. Blu-ray DVD Player– This one is one of the most advanced DVD players which allows you to play DVDs and Bu-ray discs. Some Blu-ray players even allow you to access the internet.

Factors to consider when buying a Portable Player

  1. Battery – One of the most important things to consider is the battery life of the player. Most movies are two hours long so the battery should give you more than two hours. Some portable DVD players use rechargeable batteries which means you should ensure the batteries are fully charged before using the player.
  2. Media formats– It is good to consider a player which can play different types of media such as CDs and MP3s. There are some players which have USB ports to allow you connect to your smartphone or other devices.
  3. Screen size – It is good to consider the number of people who will be using the player before buying. If you are buying for personal use, you can look for one with a small size screen, but if more than one person will use it, a larger screen is recommended probably between 9 to 10 inches.
  4. Weight – The size of the screen and the batteries contribute to the weight of the player. If you intend to use for public transport, a lightweight model would be better.
  5. Multi-screen – Some portable DVD players consists of more than one screen. This is an important factor to consider especially if you would like to entertain your family on a road trip.
  6. Viewing angle – If the player has a fixed screen, it is good to ensure that it has a large viewing angle. This is also important if there will be more than one person watching the same screen.

Best Portable DVD Players

DBPOWER 10.5″ Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen

DBPOWER 10.5″ Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen

This one is one of the best, especially for kids. It is lightweight and convenient for your home, office or when traveling. The screen can rotate at 270° and can rotate at 180° horizontally.  You can flip the rotation of the screen to get the best viewing experience at a maximum angle. It supports MPEG-4 video decoding and compatible with most DVDs/VCDs/JPEG/DIVX/CDs/MP3 and many others. These players are suitable for watching your favorite movies or when you want to listen to MP3 music through a USB flash disc or SD card.

Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen


  • They have analog TV signal
  • Strong game function
  • 270 ° swivel screen
  • Three in one MMC/SD/ MS card and USB slot.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • It has a mattes screen to reduce glare
  • Offers 300 games and can also be used to play music
  • It supports different media formats
  • Provides great picture quality


  • The cord is too short, and you may be required to use an extension
  • The buttons are not well made

Verdict – With no doubt, this one is the one of the best to consider. Unlike others, it has a powerful game function, and the screen can swivel in different angles to give you the best viewing experience.

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Sylvania 13.3″ Swivel Screen Portable Player (SDVD1332)

Sylvania 13.3-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player

Are you searching for a convenient and lightweight player? This one is one of the best to consider. Apart from that, it has a large screen which can swivel to give you a good viewing angle even when you are in a car. It has a clear display and provides images which are of high quality. One of the best things about this device is that it comes with a rechargeable battery. This allows you to continue watching your favorite movies even when traveling. In case the battery runs out of juice, you can use the car adapter to recharge. Unlike others, this one has a USB and SD slot which allows you to watch videos or listen to audios from external media. Apart from that, this gadget is compatible with MP3, CD-R, CD-RW, JPEG, and DVD+R. After you have purchased this device, you will get the following accessories.


  • Car and C adapter
  • Earbuds
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Remote control


  • Large screen which can swivel
  • USB and SD slot
  • It is portable and suitable for road trips
  • It is compatible with different media formats
  • You get additional accessories after purchase


  • The battery runs out of juice quickly
  • Control buttons are not easy to use
  • The sound and picture quality are not the best

Verdict – If you are one of those who loves traveling, this one might be the best for you. It is portable and supports different media formats. The screen can swivel to give you the best viewing angle.

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DBPOWER 14″ Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen

DBPOWER 17.9" Portable DVD Player with 15.6"

This is also a top quality product which uses 2800mAH battery which lasts for up to 3 hours. One of the best things with this battery is that you can recharge using your car charger or AC adapter in case it runs out of juice. It supports a wide range of media file formats, and the screen can rotate to give you the best viewing angle. Apart from being a DVD player, you can still use it to play games.

Portable DVD Player


  • It has game controllers
  • Easy to connect with a TV
  • It has a bigger screen than others for better viewing
  • It has a standard 3.5mm headset jack


  • It has a large screen for great display
  • It works well with different media formats
  • You can use it to play games
  • The battery runs for a long time


  • Not Wi-Fi enabled

Verdict – If you are searching for a portable player with a large screen, this might be what you have been searching for. It also allows you to play games, unlike others.

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Wrap Up

As you search for the best portable DVD player, it is necessary to consider all the factors that we have mentioned. This will help you to get a quality device which with amazing features. You can also consider any of the DVD players we have discussed since all have an impressive performance. You will never regret when you decide to buy any of them.

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