Top Bluetech Filter Reviews 2020

Bluetech Filter

The refrigerator water filters have become a necessity for your safe drinking practice. It provides you with a healthy source of chilled water that can do wonders on your budget as it reduces the amount of money you spend on getting the safe mineral water. It eliminates your expenses of buying other water filters or water bottles.

You can use this filter as it helps to remove impurities and harmful contaminants in water such as:

  • Taste & Odor of Chlorine – In water treatment plants chlorine is one of the widely used chemicals as disinfectants. Although it adds particular taste and odor to the water that you don’t really like at all.
  • Heavy Chemicals & Metals – Industrial contaminants like lead and other high toxicant chemicals can be infiltrated with the water source that can endanger your health.
  • Microbial Cysts – parasites like cryptosporidium is a common substance in the water source that is highly resistant over disinfectants like chlorine thus can be harmful as they can remain longer in water.

The refrigerator filters help you enjoy freshwater right out of your refrigerator.  Now you might be wondering about getting the best refrigerator filters. The following article is intended to give you reviews about one of the best refrigerator filter named Bluetech Filter from Bluetech Systems and a couple of their top-notch products that you will surely love to have for ensuring safe drinking for you and your family.

Bluetech Refrigerator Water Filter Compatible with Sub Zero 4204490, Insinkerator F-1000


This Bluetech filter is available in a pack of 3 and is very compatible with Sub Zero and InSinkErator water filtration system. What’s great about this is it is easy to install and use. In terms of the quality of water, it is capable of removing almost all contaminants that can affect your drinking experience. It removes substances like chlorine and other chemicals and also reduces cysts and particulates to give you the safest drinking water. One thing to be noted is that these filters will need replacements in every 6 months or after 300 gallons of water being filtered so that you can achieve the best results.


  • Compatibility: They are compatible with Sub Zero 4204490 and InSinkErator F-1000 filtration.
  • Usage: To obtain maximum filtration results,  the filter cartridge should be replaced every six months or after getting 300 gallons of water filtered.
  • Testing & Certification: This product is tested and certified by a private organization that works for public health issues providing them with safety and environmental protection.
  • Advantage: It helps you improve the taste and the quality of water by leaving the potentially beneficial minerals while removing the harmful contaminants.
  • Carbon Block: It is made of high-grade carbon block material that is capable of removing more than 99% potentially toxic contaminants of the water.
  • Ease Setup: It is very easy to install and use, comes with a user-friendly instruction manual.

Bluetech Ice Daddy Refrigerator Water Filter


The Ice Daddy Bluetech filter is available in a pack of 3 and compatible with various models of General Electric MWF Smartwater and Kenmore water filtration system. It is made of advanced coconut carbon block and comes with a unique efficiency of water filtration. Easy setup wizard makes it super easy to install and use. With the revolutionized technology it provides excellent quality of water by removing all dangerous contaminants while keeping the potentially beneficial ones for your health benefit. For optimum results, replacement of the Bluetech filter needs to be done for every 750 gallons or 6 months of use.


  • Compatibility: They are compatible with different water filtration systems like MWF, GWF, GWFA, GWF01, GWF06, MWFA.
  • Usage: The filter cartridge should not be used more than 6 months or more than 750 gallons for getting the optimum results.
  • Testing & Certification: This product is tested and certified by NSF International, a private organization working for the health benefits of people.
  • Advantage: It helps you improve the taste, odor and overall quality of water and ice. It leaves potentially beneficial minerals intact while removing all the harmful contaminants like chlorine.
  • Material: It is made of advanced coconut carbon block technology that removes more than 99% potentially harmful contaminants inside the water.
  • Easy Setup Wizard: It comes with a very easy setup wizard that allows ease of installation and use.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: It comes with a full money-back guarantee in case of any customer dissatisfaction which is taken care of by the professional customer service team.


These Bluetech solutions surely improve the taste of your drinking water and also give you clean clear ice to help you making healthy beverages.  You can be confident of buying a Bluetech filter as it has all the features to live up to your expectations for a better and safer drinking experience.

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