Top Gas Grills 2020

If you are ready to jump into the endless fun of barbecue parties, then you are ready to get your own gas grill. Are you already a grill master looking to replace your old model? Then it is time to start your search for nothing but best! This year has brought new models and technology has landed in this niche as it never did before. Nowadays, gas grills not only come with amazing cooking features but do they offer the best features for entertainment and fun too.

A good grill buyer’s guide should have all the information related to the grills. It should have details regarding the prices, key features, extra features, and keys parts for each brand of the grill. It should also give the location where the grills can be found to help the customers locate them with ease. The guide should even give pros and cons on the grills to help the buyers have prior information on what to expect after buying the grill.

What comes to your mind whenever you contemplate of buying a gas grill? Did you know that there are more than thousand varieties of grills? Indeed, you are spoilt for choice. Gas grills are found in almost every home.  It can be a massive task for a buyer to buy the best gas grill given that not all varieties available in the market are genuine. Here, we offer you insights on how to identify the best gas grill that suits your needs and according to your pocket too! To get the best gas grill, you need to be conversant with the specifications for each brand and model. Only the keen ones can get know the difference between the counterfeits and the good grills.

Short Notes before Purchase

If you want to find the one that goes with your style and budget, these are some of the most outstanding features for top gas grills 2018 that you have to check:

  • Design and construction of the gas grills: stability is important and the best designs offer this feature.Select soft edges for the corners to guarantee safety. Best stainless-steel carts come with seamless construction. Wheels at all corners with full axle will give you full mobility.
  • Grate materials: those made with cast iron are the best option as they allow you to obtain better cooked meats. Although they might require extra effort to maintain them, it is totally worthy!
  • Temperature range: As the time goes by you will like to try different recipes and many of them require different temperature ranges to be perfectly cooked. Pick those that can get the higher range to have all the options.

The cheapest grill would cost you a fair fortune though it is better than having a charcoal grill where you keep on replenishing the charcoal occasionally. Unlike the charcoal grill, the gas grill is costly to buy, but once you buy it, it serves more beyond what you can imagine.  Regarding usage the gas grill is comfortable and convenient, another reason why gas grill stands out as best is that it does not produce soot that blackens the base of the kitchenware while in use.

Other than the cost, it is equally good to consider the warranty given by the manufacturer. Several manufacturers offer what they call standard warranty based on the quality of their products, but some unscrupulous sellers look for inferior quality products and give a guarantee that does not meet the standards arguing that since the cost is low, the customer should shoulder the burden of repair. That should not be the case whatsoever. Buy a grill that has the correct and standard warranty; this also shows the authenticity of the product.

Knowing your grill parts is equally important; to get the best grill, you ought to have prior knowledge of the type, brand, and cost of the grill you intend to buy. The information would save you money regarding maintenance and cleaning.  Whenever purchasing a gas grill, there are vital things to look out for in the device to ensure that you buy the best quality for your money. Let us look at each part of the grill against the brand of the grill.

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Gas grill parts to check when buying a grill

  • The burner: a good grill should have a heater that does not hinder the combustion while in use. You should regularly have the burner cleaned. The heater is the opening through which the gas comes out for burning to generate the heat.
  • Cooking grate: these are the most used parts of the grill. Their work is to give you the surface you would need to heat or grill the foodstuff. The grate is the most exposed to dirt from food and heat, and as a result, it requires constant seasoning and cleaning. Why season the grate? Seasoning helps reduce the heat energy needed for grilling food; this eventually helps you in cutting down the fuel cost.
  • Warming rack: the rack helps to create more space when grilling food as the already grilled food is placed there to keep it warm. It should not be overloaded with food as would most damage it.
  • Carryover tubes: these pipes play an integral part in ensuring that the flame is transmitted from one burner to the next when lighting them. By so doing, it helps save time and resources.
  • Grease tray: It is used to collect the dirt from the food being grilled especially the particles. The tray helps to maintain the quality of the burners.
  • Heat plates: help to protect the grills from the grease that drips from the food. The cover they give help to keep the grill clean and last longer unlike when they are not there. This ensures that the cleaner the grill the cheap it is to use regarding fuel consumption.
  • The control knobs: they help regulate the amount of gas being allowed to pass through to the burner. The act of regulating the gas guarantees quality grilling. The bluish flame indicates that the gas allowed to pass through is of the right amount. It helps saves on fuel.
  • The temperature gauge helps to regulate the temperature while grilling to give a fine grilled food. Failure to regulate the temperature brings about wastage of fuel and sometimes leaves the food improperly cooked.
  • Side burner allows you to grill other miner meals that do not necessarily need too much heat. The combination helps you grill the complete meal at the same time.

 After knowing the parts of a grill, it is important to know how to clean the same without damaging them. For the grill to serve you better, it is good to keep it clean. All parts need regular cleaning. By so doing, it ensures that even the fuel consumption is minimized, as the heat that is required to heat the cooking grate is minimal. Many grills spoil due to poor maintenance given and the nature of handling them when cleaning them.

Parts like burners are often covered by either food particles or grease. The dirt slows them in burning as anytime you light the burner it takes longer to heat as the dirt takes some heat to burn. The melting of the grease does not help either.

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Gas grills selection per unit cost.

The cost of the gas grill is another factor to consider while buying. There are different varieties based on the cost of the burner. Concerning the price, a good gas grill would be of considerable cost. Very cheap grills might be having some defects in them.

Again cheap grills do not last long as they are not built of materials that are strong enough to last for more than five years. Majority serve up to about four years an example of such grills are the ones that go for under $250. The grills that cost this cheap are meant to last a short time, and the manufacturers and sellers are only interested in fixing the customer’s problems at that particular point in time as they organize to acquire a more durable and high-quality grill.

First category grill range up to $250

These grills are mostly fitted with side burners that are in essence not necessary as they bring with them more cost. The extra metal adds value to the burner. There should not be these extra additions to your grill since the plain grill would serve even better than the modified one that is designed to lure the consumer that you can have many food varieties grilled at the same time thus saving on fuel and time. The idea is just a decoy to cover the shortcomings of the original grill itself.

These grills tend to have bigger and several burners inbuilt. They appear to perform well at the beginning, but after a short while, they start having issues one after another. The cost of repairing them becomes unbearable, and the only solution is to dispose of them. These grills are just meant to give a stand-in gap to allow you organize yourself and secure a more long lasting grill.

The second category of gas grills ranges from $250-$500.

These grills are expensive, but they are durable and give a more satisfying service. More of these grills do not have their cooking grate coated with porcelain that prevents rusting and gives a longer shelf life. The lack of this coating leaves the grate exposed and prune to rusting which makes unpleasant to use for longer time. It also makes it lack its luster and makes it an eyesore.  Due to lack of coating, it makes it demanding to clean often to keep the grill clean and give the best services.

Though the gas grill is expensive, it does not guarantee you the best of services if not taken proper care. It is manifested by the demand to keep them clean by regular cleaning. However, they offer you enough space when grilling making it ideal for bigger families and parties where more food is being grilled. It helps you save time and fuel as well as keeping the food warm for a longer time upon grilling.

Some manufacturers have modified the gas grill to appease customers; however, these are just additions that are meant to make the customer pay more. Grills with inbuilt ovens and refrigerators are not the best. The majority of these grills are not effective concerning service delivery. Neither are they that long lasting as they appear.

Although these grills are not built to last to eternity, with good care and maintenance you can increase their lifespan up to almost ten years. They tend to need a frequent replacement for the most vulnerable parts including the cooking grate and the burners. The availability of spare parts should not worry you because they are readily available and at reasonable rates too!

Sometimes looks are deceiving, so it is important for you to look for details before settling on purchasing this grill if you are planning to buy a heavy-duty grill. This is because they do not last long and are not economical to use for long. Their quality has been compromised to lure customers with the extra features that are not even necessary at all.

To get the best brands of these grills, it is essential to check with specialized and authorized suppliers. The merchants that sell the grills are known to stock all sorts of gas grills and many a time they end up stocking products that do not meet the customers’ needs and tastes.

As you purchase the grill, ensure that the body is compact, not light and parts should be firmly fixed to avoid the parts coming off. By confirming this, it saves you money and time. There is the fear of wastage if it is spoilt while at work. 

Due to nature of how they are designed, they ensure that there is even distribution of heat. They are also fitted with rotisserie burners together with side burners. After using the grill, it is always advisable to turn on the heat to maximum to burn or melt the grease or fat that settle at the grill grate. It also dries the oils that settle on the grease tray.

Regarding maintenance, always read the manual before you start doing any repairs so that you do not spoil your device while trying to fix the faulty part. You can also call for help from the experts that are experienced in dealing with such services. Examples of such grills include;

Our Top Choices Between $250-$500

Weber 46510001 Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Black

Char-Broil Performance 650 6-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 LP Outdoor Gas Grill, Black

Third category of grill range from $500-$2000

These gas grills are more sophisticated, unlike other grills. They are long-serving and give quality service equivalent to your money. Although they are of excellent quality, it does not mean that they do not have their flaws.  They are found mainly in specific authorized retail shops. They are characterized by the extra features they come with; examples of such elements are the mounted infrared burners attached at the backside of the grill as well as the side infrared burners. These features are very delicate, and many of them break easily due to their fragility.

One of the key features in these grills is that they are not depended on other devices to stand. They have a firm and stable base that gives them a good grip on the surface. Irrespective of the many extras found in these grills, the most important thing is for the buyer to know the purpose as to why they are buying the grill. This means that the key features remain paramount to the buyers and including their needs.

The manufacturers of these are grills offer their customers good service with a warrant of up to 10 years. The length of time given as warrant assures customers of their superior quality. This means that they serve for long without breaking or being spoilt. The gas grills are reliable as they are capable of cooking many varieties of food. The side burners also come in handy when it comes to keeping the food warm for longer after grilling. These grills include the following:

Our Top Choices Between $500-$2000

Weber 67010001 Genesis II E-410 Natural Gas Grill, Black

Weber 67004001 Genesis II LX S-440 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Natural Gas grill

Fourth category of gas grills range from $2000 to $4000

These gas grills are the most sophisticated ones with many additions. They are efficient in their service, but at the same time, they cost a good fortune to the buyer. They give value to your money once bought. Care needs to be taken on them though to last longer while in good condition. Just like the rest of the gas grills, they require maximum care and high tech maintenance. Before buying one always ensure you are capable of maintaining it according to the manufacturers’ standards to benefit from after-sales service.

These gas grills are best suited for cooking on big occasions. They are not ideal for small units. Just as the cost price is high, these grills come along with many features attached to them. It is always advisable that the buyers know what they want whenever buying such a grill. It is the best grill for commercial purposes since it can hold much cookery at the same time. These grills have side burners that are useful in keeping the food warm awaiting serving.

The grills are fitted with the infrared burners that are very important in maintaining the original flavor and taste of the food. They also come with installation service and their spare parts are readily available whenever you need them. It is crucial for the buyer to have manufacturer’s specifications when considering doing some replacements.

However these gas grills are excellent when you want outstanding results, they come at a cost regarding maintenance. You have to be vigilant while working with them due to many burners they have so that you do not waste the fuel when not all burners are working. Consider double-checking the turn off knobs to ensure that they are fully turned off to avoid leakage of the gas as this can cause an accidental fire.

As a rule with other gas grills, always have the parts cleaned regularly for efficiency and durability. Have the burner well cleaned moderate hard thistles and handled with ultimate care to avoid damaging them. The cooking grate needs to be often cleaned too to avoid clogging with dirt and food particles. The fact fat that drips into the grease tray should be cleaned immediately after use to discourage the accumulation of dirt.

The infrared burners are to be handled with caution as they break easily and the cost of repairing them is a bit high. Having many replacements within a short time span is not healthy as it weakens the grill and affects its functionality. These grills are prune to counterfeit, so it is crucial for the buyer to check the originality of the device before buying and ask for warranty certificate from the manufacturer.

These grills have a warranty of up to ten years, so if the buyer gets a lower period given for warranty should think twice before buying them. The grills are not available in any all outlets but just a few designated dealers that are authorized by the manufacturers to distribute and sell on their behalf.

Whenever the buyer is not sure should contact the manufacturer through the links given in the product, this would reduce the chances of losing your money through unscrupulous sellers that are not genuine. Also when buying the replacement parts acquire them from the authorized dealers to get value for your money. Check also the specifications for the specific parts so that you do not buy parts that may cause more harm to your grill. 

These grills include the following:

Our Top Choices Between $2000-$4000

Napoleon s Prestige PRO 665 with Infrared Rear

Artisan Grills AAE-36C 60000 BTU

Common Problems with Gas Grills

Once you buy your grill, it is equally important to ensure that it is well maintained to lower the maintenance cost. You can achieve this by doing either of the following;

  • Do regular cleaning of the burners to avoiding clogging with food particles.
  • Use long lighters to avoid the wastage of the gas.
  • Do not buy the grill that has many additions to its unit.
  • Do not buy a grill that does not have a clear warrant from the manufacturer.
  • When using your grill ensure that it has its manual packed.
  • After cleaning let the parts dry before reassembling to maintain its quality.
  • Reassemble the grill parts with caution as any mishandling can cause great damage. Ensure that all parts are firmly fixed during reassembling.
  • During purchase pay attention to details to avoid acquiring a counterfeit grill; this is especially true when you are buying the spare parts.
  • The un-coated stainless steel found in the cooking grater tends to rust more often than expected. The best one to buy should be the porcelain coated stainless steel cooking grate.
  • Grill burners easily are clogged with dirt, so it is vital to maintaining a high standard of hygiene to save on fuel energy and time while cooking.
  • During cleaning, use moderately strong brush thistles to clean the ports to avoid destroying them and breaking the thistles that would clog the burner. If this happens, the heater has to open or replaced for it to be efficient.

Now that you have the most important features that stand out for top gas grills 2018, you can go search the one for you. In the process you will also find amazing accessories such neon lights, colors, sizes and more. Check your budget to see how many of them can you add and have fun!

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