Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max Sprayer by Wagner Power Products

Do you find it hard to reach some areas when spraying around the house? Don’t worry. We have you covered.  Are you planning to remodel your home soon and are looking for the best paint sprayer? Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max Sprayer by Wagner Power Products is your number one choice. Again, if you love doing it yourself, this control spray sprayer is ideal for you. In our in-depth review below, we give you a reason to purchase Wagner Power Products’ Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max Sprayer. Take a look.

Why should you choose Wagner 518080 Max Sprayer?

Different products have different features that give you a reason to use purchase. Below are the features that make this control spray sprayer stand out from the rest.

  • Adjustable spray patterns: The Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer comes with three adjustable patterns. You can pick the best design for your task. The spray nozzle of this sprayer that adjusts and thus allowing a horizontal, round or vertical pattern based on your application. When you want to switch the spray pattern, you just need to turn the air cap ears. A vertical air cap gives a broad spray pattern, a horizontal air cap gives a big spray pattern, and a diagonal air cap provides a circular spray pattern.
  • Two-stage turbine: This product comes with a 2-stage turbine that helps sprays latex brilliantly and also slighter materials including lacquers and stains.
  • Air filters: Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max Sprayer comes with two air filters assist in preventing your work from dirt, and there ensuring you get an exceptional outcome.
  • Two variable controls: The control spray sprayer features a variable air pressure control that helps in the prevention of overspray of thin materials. It also comes with variable flow control that lets you transition from large spray surfaces to detailed tasks.
  • 1-quart metal cup and a 1/2 quart plastic cup: The max control spray sprayer comes with one ½ quart plastic and 1-quart metal cup that essential when it comes to larger volume projects such as painting or staining fences and deck. Additionally, it includes a contractor-grade viscosity cup that assists in measuring the paint material’s density.
  • 20 Foot High Flex Air Hose: If you have a sprayer that you find hard to use because you cannot reach some areas, this control spray sprayer is for you. It features a 20-foot high flex air hose that helps to extend your reach and hence ensuring you don’t avoid any of the areas.

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray

Pros of Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max Sprayer

  • Easy to clean: You probably do not want to purchase something hard to clean. This Wagner Power Products’ control spray sprayer is easy to clean. It has five pieces that are easily detachable for cleaning after you complete your work. Not only is the cleaning of this control sprayer easy but it also takes a little time.
  • Lightweight: Are you looking to buy a control spray sprayer that is not heavy? Wagner 518080 Max Sprayer is your ideal product. It is lightweight meaning you will not feel the weight while using it even if you spray for long.
  • Easy to use: Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max Sprayer comes with a user manual. This makes it easy for you to learn how to use it. You don’t need someone to teach you as it is easy and does not require technical knowledge.
  • Performance: Unlike other sprayers, a control spray sprayer from Wagner Power Products works performs great to offer excellent outcomes.

Cons of Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max Sprayer

  • Not ideal for the interior wall: While it works great, the sprayer might not be ideal for use in interior walls. This is because it may be slower based on the volume of paint it ejects each minute.
  • Loud: If you love doing your job quietly, this control spray sprayer is not ideal for you. It is loud, and this might irritate you.


In our research, we also found that Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max Sprayer by Wagner Power Products gives performs significantly to give an even finish. However, you may not enjoy using it inside due to its loudness.

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